Partnership Desk
This page will help you get a bridge partner for a duplicate game on a given date.

You do have to get a Google account, sorry about that, but this does give us great messaging software for free.

You don't need a Gmail email address, you can use your current email, when you Create a Google Account.

Once you have your Google account, you can go to find a partner at SMA Bridge Partnerships.

To create a new partnership request (Google calls them "Topics"):
1.  Click the red "New Topic" button (On tablets, it's a Notepad icon)
2.  Enter your name, player rating/# of masterpoints, and the date you are looking for in the Subject line (so we don't have to open any requests that don't pertain).
3.  Click the green "Post" button

To respond to a partnership request:
1.  Click a request
2.  Click the red "Post Reply" button (On tablets, it's an arrow pointing to the left)
3.  Enter your response (keep it clean)
4.  Click the green "Post" button  

For anyone computer-challanged, I (Rob Rich) will be happy to help them.

Click to find a parter: SMA Bridge Partnerships